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Last April, teams from across Scotland descended on the UK International Cup. Months of hard work and preparation had lead to this incredibly exciting moment. YFS traveled with them, beaming photo and video coverage back to the supporters back home. It's safe to say, each and every one of them did Scotland proud.


If you're thinking about a UK based tournament for Easter 2020, we'd urge you to to take a look at this event. It really has everything a team would want - Premier League level facilities, opposition to match all standards, holiday park or hotel and media coverage like you've never seen it before. Enquire now using the form below, meaning you lock in the cheapest pricing whilst you mull over your options. Click here (or scroll down) to view our 2019 highlights video.

The spectacular international event offers the following:
- Photo and video coverage of your team.
- Fundraising help.

- Hotel or holiday park options.
- World class facilities.
- Teams from across the UK and beyond.
Optional extras:
- Return transport.
- Training session with Norwich City academy coaches.

- Excursions including stadium tours, theme parks and more.

Some of the teams who joined us in 2019...